40 Years of abuse in the Name of #Dharma : the story of @OgyenKun Ogyen Kunzang Choling #Buddhism

Recently and while we wait for the appeal to take place (2 years) we noticed that members travelled to Asia to meet with Rabjam Rimpoché (the so-called Tibetan head of OKC since RS “retired” a vain illusion to try to salvage a so-called Buddhist center that should be dismantled.

We noticed that other “Tibetan teachers” are invited to OKC’s Brussels center but also to Nyima-Dzong (where part of the sexual/physical abuses took place)

We also noticed that the “masters” page in OKC website is gone, it’s probably a bug since this page stayed online during the whole trial in 2016 and is a proud element used by OKC to legitimate the organisation.

We noticed OKC new publication in their “judicial dossier” trying to explain their reason to go to appeal (against the will of most of the remaining community parents) and we noticed that the Buddhist Hierarchy in Europe is not listening to a real drift in Buddhism regarding fake “masters” and their behavior against their disciples but worst in the case of OKC : sexual & physical abuse on Children’s & adults. (not even going to mention fraud, tax evasion & other accusations)

RS profile is a defacto serial-sexual-abuser-narcissist-pervert.

Because if you study the date of each sexual abuse the reality is that RS never stopped abusing woman or teeangers/young-adults in the last 40 years. RS may be still doing it, the so called “initiations” and discret kinky-drunk conversations of the honor to be desired or touched by the Master, all time flanked by Yana, his disciple/master, leading the recruiting methodology back into the inner circle.

Even the police raid in 1997 didn’t impeach RS from abusing girls the moment he got out of Jail early 1998, the same happened in 2003 in Charleroi and another variant to a under-age girl in 2004 at his house in Spain.

Some of  these facts are not part of the instruction thanks to the not-so great Belgian Justice system and also the fact that the whole inquiry completely missed the story. its very distributed european dimmension allowed RS to defuse the ticking bomb over the years and the very fact that we, civil parties, were all busy constructing lives these last 2 decades Out of this Mess was the best weapon used against the whole case by RS/OKC : Managing Time and Information. that’s how 19 years go by with the State Justice loosing its track and civil parties too busy to rebuild from scratch to just have the time to think : what should we do ?

We feel it is time to go full-frontal with the Buddhist “masters”, it is time to confront their support to OKC (or to by the way) and we will not let time go by & allow the Buddhists to NOT take a stand, a position regarding their unconditional support up to this day, to a serial-pedo-rapist-abuser that literally avoided his own trial for being fake-sick while perhaps still abusing other girls (major of age as of now, like if this was a good reason).

We will not stay silent, and we will use the means we have : Public Shaming (as advised by Dalai-Lama regarding sexual abuse & fake “master”) we will use the tools available to us : Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, everything will be done to disrupt their communication and STOP the Tibetan Buddhist Hierarchy to keep giving its official support to a toxic & dangerous criminal that destroyed the lives of so many people while creating an out of control utopia under Buddhist disguise. 


– Move the events in Brussels to any other legitimate Buddhist center in Belgium.
– Move the events in France to any other legitimate (not RIGPA) Buddhist center in France. 
– Cancel any plans to teach at OKC “centers” while there is a trial and appeal ongoing.

We will not hesitate going to the International and local Media to make sure this horrific story don’t fade out while RS is busy preparing his defense for the incoming court appeal.

If needed we will intervene legally and peacefully in the Public Space to denounce, confront in the open and make sure plenty of journalists & media are present while doing so.

Ogyen Kunzang Choling legal existence should be dismantled, then only a plan to save the Temples and all the Work and Dedication of hundreds of people can be restored to all the members.

But OKC back-leaded by Robert Spatz decided to Appeal after a VERY clement sentence. Not the victims, not the civil parties in this story. Neither the remaining of desperate OKC members, glued to a structure that only benefited the master puppet and his familly. this has to stop. Tibetan Buddhist lineage should take their responsibility : do not legitimize OKC by visiting it, it doesn’t help Buddhism, it doesn’t Help the victims, it doesn’t help anyone.
Cancel or move the events !

Prior to this, since 2015 we did everything in our power (with very close contact to the tibetan buddhist hierarchy) to alert them, explain them, with this very presentation, about the reality of OKC. it’s like they live in isolated bubbles were the very actions of their peers go unchecked, un-balanced, or like in our case completely out of control if not mad.

We get in return long explanations about the difference between our culture and theirs, we hear false arguments used to justify their silence, and we hear the same old tibetan buddhist political excuses to avoid facing their own responsibility : mainly giving by their presence the authority to Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang to claim to be a Buddhist Master since 1972.

In 2017 the Tibetan Lineage is guiding OKC out of this mess but unable to publicly denounce and take a stand?
There is plenty of articles, blog post and what not regarding Buddhism, sexuality but also communities, cults, sectarian drifts and all the thinking that got out of the 60’s and 70’s but one cannot but ask the question:

Why is there so much sexual assaults attached to Buddhist centers, teachers and so on without a bigger impact in the mainstream everyday noise?

Buddhism is so nice, nobody wants to hear: sexual abuses & Buddhism together. right?

But it’s there because no action was taken when it was still time, today OKC is nothing but a Name, the only reason its still afloat is because OKC is sold:present itself as the bedrock of Buddhism in Europe. it’s an empty shell.

OKC cannot claim to dissociate from the actions of Robert Spatz and at the same time welcome Tibetan Buddhist teachers under its roof like if 2 decades of inquiry and the civil parties enlightened testimonies at the trial is invisible.

OKC wants to/should dissociate from Spatz ? this boat also sailed months ago, when the very google slide above
was sent to high-level Buddhist teachers in different centers across Europe and the US.

You cannot dissociate from Robert Spatz while having the same Lawyers, the same piloted-defense only in the interests of RS and his name/brand OKC.

Dissociation is about turning upside down this trial and actually tell the truth. stop protecting individuals, structures or relations to avoid facing the effects of one’s actions or inactions.

Sexual abuse, harsh treatments: it’s also present in other religions, cultures, countries etc…it’s systemic if you look around it’s like powerfull men either in Religious, Politicians, Economic areas can shield their egotic interests from the repercussion of such acts but are indeed only sitting on a time-bomb & from complete obliteration when the public radar cross the issue. Non-Violent Public Shaming. Because by NOT taking any stance, any action, you choose a brand over your values, you choose the shame of western Buddhism as your ultimate associate.

Let’s clarify a few things:

Sexual abuses, Physical harsh treatments are not a cultural option, its not meant to be this way even if increasingly common, harsh treatments are not something Tibetans or anyone are “culturally” used too, the argument “it’s a different culture in the West or Asia”, in both cases ANY sexual abuses on ANYONE is against the very logic of Buddhism and Human nature, there is no cultural axis that can be used to legitimate or explain or minimize abuses on Children’s. no matter their social context, their religion, their race or any other “difference”. Period.

Nobody cares if in Tibet or Nepal or India a case like OKC would be given less or no importance, OKC is based in Europe, in Belgium, in Spain, France, left Portugal in 2012 after members deserted the boat.

Nobody is asking Rabjam Rimpoché his opinion on sexual abuse or the illegitimate abuse of his cultural heritage and name to manipulate and legitimize the whole OKC endeavour.

This boat sailed long ago.

The case here is about saying : I (tibetan teacher present in the OKC website) fully reject any associations, use of the image, name, branding used by OKC with the teachers of the Nygima-pa Tibetan School (association RS aka Lama Kunzang claim to be a direct recipient) and pledge to stop any activities with OKC at least until the trial/appeal has gone through.

If the Tibetan Buddhist Hierarchy in Europe is unable to take a stand, we will !

we have nothing to lose at this point.

This joke has been going long enough, now comes the time to face the facts and clean the House of Buddha !

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