Just a few ideas/advices to the courageous 8 from #RIGPA

– do not wait. go to justice, make a formal complaint, it will open a case and be part of the instruction. Sooner the better.
– The people on the board will not face much, even more if they are not directly responsible for the abuses, they will not make any jail time, will probably have financial reparation to make, it’s nothing compared to what survivors had to endure. Hiding a crime is not executing a crime, responsibility is different.
– get a collective lawyer that will manage each case separately with a team of lawyers. individualise your cases, do not get one narrative to defend everyone, each case is different, use this.
– if accused RIGPA board members WILL lie in court, (ongoing with OKC), they will have better, more lawyers than the victims and much more money to cover their defense, they will not hesitate to use Buddhist scriptures, interpretations, legitimation to defend their position) even if Human Laws state these abuses are crimes. Indoctrination will not help them build their case. Use these flaws in your own advantage, ideally your lawyer should need to understand some basic Buddhist philosophy to really counter- argument the Sogyal lawyer if you go to that point.

– the RIGPA board could easily dissociate itself from Sogyal by having his own set of lawyers, their task should be to save RIGPA, tie abuses to whoever is responsible for them and allow RIGPA to not dive WITH Sogyal if the two are mixed up.

IF the RIGPA board lie or is brainwashed and only try to save appearances instead of honestly trying to fix it this, it will unleash more problem than solution and sooner or later new people, even if it is in 10 years, some people will wake up, will talk, will go to the Police/Justice but the more times goes, the more it is going to be difficult to build a case. This path will destroy the center and all the good people invested in it. this is basically what RIGPA board should avoid at all cost.

The most important advice is : do not wait, go together, stay together. One victim on its own can easily be defeated by arguments, 8 survivors with their own timeline, their own stories and their own defense is another piece of work and it will be difficult for any court in France to ignore the stream of stories and their common points. That’s how you build proof on the realm of intangible abuses.

I will update this post with more ideas if they come in mind.

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