Sogyal Rinpoche Has Resigned from #Rigpa #Buddhism

It’s interesting to see how the word allegations is being used all across the world when it’s about Men sexual abuse, usually rich, privileged, powerful men using their positions to try at all cost to appear innocent, “using the justice system” or a third-party independent body to look into these “allegations” while maintaining a narrative to appear like innocent.

The denial is still KING, either for Sogyal or for RIGPA board, the tone of the letters sound as if the allegations will be proven false and his reputation soon restored.

Letter to Sogyal from brave 8 :

letter to his students : 

board letter to their Sangha : : 

Presse release from RIGPA :

It’s probably the last time we have to LINK the case to the case, both bearing very similar behavior, not only from the “board” but also from the accused “master” himself, both using narratives, words and excuses to appear innocent that cannot be taken seriously.

Any independent third-party looking into these matters should be the French Justice System, the Police, but for this to happen, survivors NEED to make a formal complaint, need to use the Human Law Justice system to make sure these so called “masters” are judged not only from a spiritual point of view but most certainly from a Human Law point of view. Buddhism cannot exclude itself or put himself on top of Human Laws as if sexual abuses conducted by a so called “master” can only be judged by spiritual laws or worst : stay for ever managed like a personal, internal dispute that an independent third-party could solve.

Survivors from sexual abuse MUST go to Justice, must make a formal complaint, that is the only way to force not only Sogyal to face his actions but also to take this very very seriously and make sure this never ever happens again. of course adopting a code of conduct (the irony that a code of conduct needs to be crafted for a spiritual philosophy will not escape to anyone that Knows just even a fraction of what Buddhism stand for)

To survivors we say :

– Go to Justice, Buddhism is not a Law on top of Human Laws and Human Justice System.
– If we really want to Clean Buddhism from these serial abusers, keeping this scandal an internal affair will never solve the problem, it will only push for later the possibility of a real, lasting solutions that can be put in place all across Dharma centers all around the World.
– Do not think for one second that, as a survivor, Speaking up is Equal to “Harming Buddhism or Dharma or RIGPA” this is an excuse, used both in the case of OKC or other scandals that is a construct to minimize the importance of the abuse with the intent to preserve, turn off the light, the public eye from these abusers that use Buddhist Sangha & Dharma as a shield.

Let’s finish the work : let’s speak up, let’s make sure this never happens to anyone ever again.

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