Dear Buddhists : F*** the absolute level, a crime is a crime. period

Just the idea or notion that “at an absolute level there is no good and bad” is equal to a fundamentalist extremist view 99% of the time not deeply realized by the student or the teacher crafted to evade relative reality consequences of sick behavior that is rooted in ignorance and suffering and sometimes in madness, the effect of this on students is suffering, no matter the so called theoretical “intentions” that is tied to the teacher when questions arise about his behavior.

Using the excuse that duality, good and bad, are all illusions to avoid facing the effects of our own actions is a fundamentalist extreme view that has nothing to do with the original Buddha’s teachings, it is a drift, a deviation from the path, mixed with misunderstanding, privileged Man made thinking built to protect the abuser-teacher and diminish or even exclude the student suffering from the equation. Not understanding this is equal to consciously finding an intellectual shortcut to avoid facing shared relative reality by all other humans.

And that’s precisely what some Buddhist students are doing and spreading on social media, blog posts and email exchange.

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