Against the Beatification of Sogyal Lakar & Supporting the victims of RIGPA

Against the Beatification of Sogyal Lakar & Supporting the victims of RIGPAMay the death of Sogyal Lakar be a reckoning moment with both the good and the bad he did to his own students, may his passing be a moment of truth to Sogyal Lakar so that at least in death he be confronted to the reality of the sexual and spiritual abuses he undertook his whole life, hence destroying himself the samaya bond he in the first place was supposed to uphold.

May his students and admirers stuck in the illusion of a genuine root Guru relation with him realize that there is no meditation in death and that there will be no reincarnation of Sogyal Lakar to be found.

Certainly the disgraced pseudo Lama won’t be found because the Tibetan Buddhist clergy won’t be able to find a reincarnation that will have the chance to reincarnate since the “crazy wisdom” he operated under the name of Vajrayana certainly disrupted his Karma.

Perhaps in death Sogyal Lakar will be judged by his own mind and by the reality of his own actions.

By evading human justice No humans will be able to weight the balance of his actions but certainly he will have no choice but to see the reality of his own action on his own.

May Sogyal Lakar be judged accordingly to his crimes.







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