Hearings, pleadings and replies to trial #SPATZ #OKC completed.

Hearings, pleadings and replies to trial concluded. Deliberation + judicial recess and it resumes on Thursday, September 15 with judgment.

Yesterday with the end of the defense’s replies we saw Spatz’s lawyer become more Spatzist than the guru himself by adopting his doctrine himself and spreading it for an hour in the courtroom trying to pass off Spatzism as Buddhism.

The whole thing was interspersed with vicious attacks and low blows against the civil parties in order to discredit them in front of the court.

Failed mission.

This Wauters has clearly shown that from now on he is a follower, a disciple and it is this “defense” which to save a narcissistic pedophile pervert probably risks sinking a community that largely absent from his trial has never had in hand the direction of its own defense or its future and a score of mail and lobbying directed at it will have done nothing, but nothing at all to create even in the form of a dissociation from the source of the problem: Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang.

Besides, he is not sick, he only takes doctors who believe in his illness, like any good hypochondriac.

In the same way, Spatz’s lawyer would not have been his lawyer if, beyond his profession, he would have left the slightest doubt in Spatz’s mind as to his ability to lead the defense to “good” port, that is to say, to look after Spatz’s interests before those of the community: a successful operation.

As far as we are concerned, we trust this court not to let itself be trapped by the tricks and the many lies of the defense and finally to see beyond the tricks that have surrounded this trial since 1997 in order to put an end to the harmful activity of Spatz and his lieutenants. (which has never ceased during the 20 years of this trial).

As for the community, its lack of involvement in this process will have led it to a situation it knows well: once again it is delegating its future rather than taking itself in hand by daring to cut the cord once and for all, dissociating itself definitively from the creator and destroyer of this community.

Today her future is in the hands of the court, which will probably look after her interests probably better than it did the 40 years before, following an impostor that was built on their backs.

The fear of losing everything that haunts the community should gradually turn into something more like the joy of having been lucky enough to have their own children help this court to see more clearly with the sole purpose of having them taken into account in this trial and not left on the street at the end of it. But in order to believe in that, you have to be informed, and that is not part of the culture at OKC.


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