It’s moving to read you, to find yourself at the bend of these verbs… even if we would have liked to see each other in more joyful conditions.

It’s moving to read you, to find yourself at the bend of these verbs… even if we had liked to see ourselves in happier conditions.
I really like the answer “And the others,…”

In memory of the beautiful writing,

I remember all of you, our laughter, our loves, our beliefs, the intensity of our lives, beautiful…

But I also remember…

Our absent parents, the abandonment, the unspoken… the rare parcels or letters from our families scattered in the group or fed to the crows,

Barefoot running in thistles in the middle of winter

Black from the shoe’s reserve cave

From this unique square of chocolate, from the hunger

From “don’t tell your parents… they might be sad…”

Departures in minibuses from Brussels, horrible, where each of us cried silently to leave our parents once again …

I remember … 10 years…

Child in the frost of winter, 6:00 a.m., dressed in simple cotton panties, prostrating myself with my comrades until the grass burned by the cold appeared; Then we had to change places to erase other spaces of frost ….

I remember, 10 years

The wet handkerchief in our mouth to muffle our screams, the blackness of the cellar to hide the blows, the desire for everything to stop, the fear…

I remember that,

The taste of rotten apples, the kibble of the dog, hungry and hungry…

I remember when I was 12 years old.

Running at night in the cold, swimming at 5.30 am from November to March in icy water.

I remember, 24 years

The word of a man saying to me “you are like my son”, then to protect the interests of the group to accuse me of treason and to throw me out; to tear me away from the happiness of love and family, and from the happiness of the birth of a son…


I also remember the Buddhist texts and teachings:

They teach to live moderately, without material goods, but then why, those big cars, those villas in Spain, Belgium, or elsewhere,
I remember my father when I was 14 years old asking myself the same question: I answered him that it was normal, “The Master is precious and we must honor him”;
Simplicity honors the wise far better than opulence.
Why is there a ferocious appetite for money? Why all these complications so far from the illustrious example of the Yogis Kangyur Rimpoche!

They teach to be virtuous and good to one’s neighbor, but then why did we have to endure all these hardships, why don’t you soothe the pain of your children, rather than defend your beliefs?

They teach you not to lie “not to tell the truth” but then why all these lies, these manipulations, this rotten policy: paying to satisfy your security, taking money from members of what is called “the family”, the great game of blackmail; or whoever has the most to lose pays the most.

Finally, in short, I want to address Lamten and Cabé in particular:
I remember your tenderness, your human qualities, I admired and loved them, and today, faced with the simple reality that is ours, that of your children at heart, please breathe deeply!
Accept that what you think is right may not be right.
Look at all these human lives with the heart and not with belief.
The teaching is not in the book, on the pillow in the temple or for some in a binge drinking, it is first in the simple gesture of loving and helping without any crutch.

Finally, one of the essential points of Buddhism, consists in looking for a master, and to verify his authenticity…

Yours sincerely, tenderly.



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