La Justice

“le monde n’est pas Juste, pas parce que la Justice n’existe pas. mais parce que les hommes lui nient son existence.”

Unknown quote

“The problem is that human beings only see the bad things somewhere else as where they are.” – unknown

Just a few ideas/advices to the courageous 8 from #RIGPA

– do not wait. go to justice, make a formal complaint, it will open a case and be part of the instruction. Sooner the better. – The people on the board will not face much, even more if they are not directly responsible for the abuses, they will not make any jail time, will probably…

Dear Buddhists : F*** the absolute level, a crime is a crime. period

Just the idea or notion that “at an absolute level there is no good and bad” is equal to a fundamentalist extremist view 99% of the time not deeply realized by the student or the teacher crafted to evade relative reality consequences of sick behavior that is rooted in ignorance and suffering and sometimes in…