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  1. Carry out our justice initiatives and Pay our lawyers in Belgium and France
  2. Pay medical expenses (mainly psychological support)
  3. Pay the transport costs of the civil parties living abroad to attend the Final Judgment
  4. Pay the communication costs of the OKCinfo initiative

Any surplus will be donated to organizations that fight against sectarian aberrations and sexual abuse of minors.

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For the moment any financial assistance is used for the continuation of the existence of our initiative in justice to stop the abuses, the crimes of Robert Spatz.

OKC was largely acquitted, in light of the scale of the facts exposed before the courts of Brussels and Liège, in fact the investigation and the trial would have to be redone in part to truly establish the responsibility of the management and the parents / followers.

In the first phase of the trial in 2016 it was still a question for some civil parties the idea of a real dissociation on the part of the OKC leadership from Robert Spatz, despite the awareness of the followers inside, not only the direction did not resign as in more it is still in charge of the direction of the association. This is unheard of !

Even though he was acquitted, shortly after the judgment of December 2, 2020, the secretary general of the OKC circulated the information that “the Belgian state would have abandoned the proceedings”, not a word on the conviction of Robert Spatz and the craving, stupid, barely concealed, to appeal to the Master if he were to ask for it … Acquitted.

That says a lot for a so-called Buddhist organization.

Having said that, today in 2021, the current leadership of the OKC represents a danger only to its own members and no longer to anyone else, it is certainly a godsend and a demonstration of its legal ability to use time. ” Reasonably “in his favor to get by in the end poorly judged, recognized under influence, indoctrination recognized on the part of the various administrators, yes, but so many responsibilities not established, the almost total absence of the parents in this trial, the absence of former followers, apart from rare appearances, the absence of the main defendant, Robert Spatz, founder of the Ogyen Kunzang Choling.

Robert Spatz is hiding in Spain in the region of Malaga & Marbella.

  • The costs of his trial are potentially paid and sourced in an illicit manner (strong suspicions)
  • It is possible / probable that sexual abuse took place between 2003 and 2021 (very strong suspicions)
  • 3 complaints in France are in progress, including 2 active. ( Need for financial donations to contribute to our defense in France ) (legal action in progress)
  • According to our experience of the 5 years of proceedings since 2016, the defense of Robert Spatz seems to possess myriads of documents (forged if necessary) and personal information on the civil parties and their parents, a truly invasive information service to destabilize the civil parties.
  • The use of religion, here Tibetan Buddhism, religious freedom, the freedom to choose the education of children’s adepts were at the heart of the debates.
  • The misuse of the name and image of the Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, Rabjam Rinpoche, Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, as many references used by the defense to proclaim itself of Tibetan Buddhism, all to defend themselves from sexual abuse and of child abuse, a line of defense completely detached from the reality of the merits of the charges laid throughout the proceedings.
  • The Silence of the “Enlightened” Tibetan Buddhism Figures on the question of sexual abuse, whether RIGPA, SHAMBHALA, OKC, remains a growing stain on the image and integrity of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, from Trungpa to Robert Spatz via Sogyal , it’s a whole system and maybe under the hood, it’s a bit the of Buddhism the mantra for 2021.

Check the frontpage for the latest updates on our ongoing legal action in France and the remains of the Belgian justice case still suspended by the Spatz appeal of the last judgement.

This is not over.

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