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Nous avons reçu l’information via le directeur de l’Union Bouddhiste Belge, la visite de Ringu Tulku en Belgique et au Denmark a été annulée, pour l’instant nous n’avons pas la confirmation que cette campagne a influencé cette décision, mais il semble que l’attention de Ringu Tulku doivent d’urgence se déplacer en Inde, pour nous, coincidence ou pas, le but est atteint, Ringu Tulku ne vas pas se poser le trone d’un pédocriminel dans un pseudo Temple que rien ne peut effacer la présence et le rôle de  Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang.

Interpeller Ringu Tulku dans sa boite mail.

Contexte : Ringu Tulku se préparait à visiter OKC (Ogyen Kunzang Choling) comme si l’organisation OKC et son fondateur n’était pas face à la Justice en Belgique et en France pour des crimes d’abus sexuels, abus physiques, emprise et coercition et autres accusations.

Nous avons écris cette lettre (anglais) pour inciter Ringu Tulku à ne pas visiter OKC et de ne pas légitimer une dérive sectaire encore face à la Justice

Voici la réponse de Ringu Tulku

Et voici notre réponse celle ci

Dear Ringu, I don’t think you are aware of the situation and your reply suggest you have not read in full, neither thought more than a few minutes about your position.

Much less about the implication of your total lack of compassion towards the victims suffering. OKCinfo is not asking to discriminate anything, OKCinfo is asking you to abide to the Rule of Law, to abide to a culture, that in 30 years you seem to lack even just minimal understanding about the fact that, in our societies, in our democracies, even the flawed ones, when an organization posing as Buddhist Center is facing grave crimes, multiples crimes of sexual abuses (that the organization hid when it is a crime in France to hide crimes from the authorities) when the organization in 20 years, never resigned, when the board of the organization is still the same one that presided the direction of the organization while the crimes where enfolding, when OKC never apologized to the victims (their own childrens) when in 6 years of proceedings, the only reason OKC was acquitted is because the instruction of the case in Belgium was mislead by Lama Kunzang, by Ines Wouters, by Rui Oliveira for more than 18 years. When OKC never repudiated Lama Kunzang (his name is still on the OKC website, his picture was still in Nyima-Dzong Temple up to a few years ago, when Rui Oliveira alias Lamten Knew about the abuses already in 2010 and never did anything against it, instead he lied to the Justice system, he lied to the court, he lied to the Parents of the community, he mislead the entire community into following a fraud.

And you and your fellow « Tibetan Masters » endorsed Lama Kunzang for years, GAVE your legitimacy, your name, your image to an organization that was since the 80’s in a clear and obvious criminal drift, that your visits, your indirect or direct endorsment of OKC allowed more people to trust and to follow, YOU and other TIbetan so called Masters, that have the toupet to teach us about the quality of a authentic masters never followed yourself in the first place, YOU and many others, including the Dalai-Lama are telling westerners be the first responsible to « find an authentic master » meanwhile, ALL OF YOU, had no discernment at all in the first place, NONE of you were able to discern that Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang, now Twice convicted for crimes of sexual abuses, rape of young teenagers, none of you were able to discern that he was a fraud !

And when some of you (mainly the 3 son’s of Kangour Rimpoche) finally decided to take some action, it was never public, after decades of public endorsement and frequentation of OKC centers.

You all kept silent and until 2015 and the first trial against OKC, none of you where even remotely concerned about the well being and the true story and lives of the OKC youth. What you remember of the OKC youth is the last generation, a generation that had a completely different lives than the 2 or 3 generations of kids that preceeded them.

You don’t know us, you think you know OKC youth but you don’t and in fact you don’t seem to care. not even a shred.

You don’t seem to realize that in our countries, when you are accused of grave crimes against children’s, the minimal thing to do is to resign, is to recognize the crimes, is to ask forgiveness to the victims, is to make ‘as a buddhist) a lot of purification for the crimes you indirectly participated in (I’m talking of OKC adepts here not you) The least you can do is NOT to hide the crimes and leave the children’s on their own as if nothing had happened.

The least you can try, in the position of Lamten (OKC general secretary) is to resign, publicly repudiate Lama Kunzang, Dissolve OKC and once the court trial are over, maybe find a new name and create a new organization to continue your « buddhist activities ».

None of this happened. Lamten, Ines, Tsering are all complicit of having not only hidden the reality of the court trial towards OKC members but on top of that Ines have been on the last 20 years the key lawyer that used the law against the victims, that accepted money from a pedocriminal that she knew, since the start, that he was a fraud, but still, she is defending Spatz accomplice in court, she is the key person responsible for the fact that Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang is still free today and is still busy in Spain, abusing at least 1 other OKC youth from the first generation and another that came into Spatz dirty criminal hands late 2015. We suspect, that as you are maybe reading this letter, that at least 2 cases of sexual abuses are ongoing.

I cannot leave you out of this because YOU decided to join it, the moment you accept an OKC invitation YOU are taking a side, you are joining the side of sycophants that are trying to salvage their name, reputation and organization above anything else, beyond the crimes they helped commit, directly or indirectly. And you, Ringu, YOU are joining this crew of malignant people, even though, We are asking YOU, TO NOT visit OKC while they are in court, it’s that simple.

Never forget that if today, Guy, Rina, Lamten, Tsering are free to go, acquitted for some of them, it’s not because the court find them innocent, instead the court found them to be under coercion, under the misguided influence of Robert Spatz, Lama Kunzang, name that could only exist, because Dilgo Kyentsé and countless other supposedly legit Tibetan Masters (without a shred of discernment) visited OKC, gave, consciously or not their legitimacy to OKC each time they visited OKC and each time they accepted Money, « Offerings » or whatever donation was made to advance the cause of « Buddhism » in the West.

You can pretend that you are insignificant but you are not, this is a false position of humility that does not match reality, quite the contrary, in your position of supposed ethical master of buddhism, you should lead by example, you should strive to be ethical than the adepts you pretend to teach. This is not your action by visiting OKC on the 4th of December.

Make no mistake, this reply is not just for you, this is going to be sent to thousands and thousands of email contacts from Journalists, politicians, the entire bodhicharya network, our entire list of other Buddhist centers across Europe.

By the lack of quality and compassion of your reply, you just put yourself under the spotlight and I hope that no matter what you choose to do, wherever you go, concerned Buddhist, that do have discernment, will contact you, will publicly ask you why you have no ear and no empathy toward this situation, why you pretend to care about OKC youth while doing exactly the opposite of what we demand from you.

OKCinfo is a group of no less than 40 people, all born inside OKC, all from the first, second and third generation, if you still decide to visit OKC, you might find yourself in the presence of some of the last generation, the « pilot generation » as I like to call them, a generation that had a much more peaceful and real Buddhist education, because of the Police Raid on OKC in 1997, because of the absence of Robert Spatz Lama Kunzang from their lives, in such condition , it is easy to dismiss the lives of the majority of us, that actually saw you and your peers for 2 decades at least, without ever being able to choose not to be under the coercion of Spatz and the folly of the direction of OKC under Lamten and Tsering protected by the legal arm of Ines Wouters and their army of lawyers to protect a pedocriminal and his close relatives.

You have a third choice if you don’t want to take a side (as if taking the side of victims of suffering was your main problem it seems) the third path is to neither go, neither don’t go and instead move the event to a legit Buddhist center, you have the power to make the right decision, listen to your heart and do the right thing.

Karma is counting. You still have time to do the right thing.

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