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There is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of our children, no greater violence than to deny childhood to children, even to just one of them.
Ultimately if robbing childhood of children is already a crime, sexually abusing children or imposing physical harsh treatments is the summum of human ignorance.
The price for these human drift onto children is still, even if in silence, still imposing countless suffering.
There is no excuses to be made, only recognition and acknowledgement that, even if there was good ideas, good memories and good people, the very fact that these drifts happened in silence for 40 years should be enough to think about ones life and really ponder these facts and integrate them with the larger story.

There is no escape to this and until this recognition of the facts are denied to oneself AND for the victims of such abuses there will be no joy to share, no remembering to do and no peace for the mind.