Naming and Shaming : Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang currently in trial since 20 Years, They KNOW ! #metooguru

List of Tibetan Teachers being used by @OgyenKun to appear like a legit Buddhist center by using the name and images of known Buddhists teachers. Including the @Dalailama


In 2016 and 20 years before the trial all these Tibetans were assembled into one only page now broken so it looks like OKC wants to have the best of both worlds : use the legitimacy of these Tibetan Buddhist figures in court but at the same time appear respectful and prudent by hiding all these pages from public view on their website. in the case they finally remove these figures from their website here is the archive.

But if you know how to use a web browser, here is the full list of Tibetans still on OKC website + respective link to it :

Lama Kunzang Dorje self-assigned guru name of Robert Spatz and his profile page on the OKC website, this page was removed when several cases of sexual abuses surfaced inside OKC in the 2000’s, at the time general secretary of OKC was hunting the web to remove any trace of Robert Spatz from the web, even from the organisation-cult he founded but here is the archive.

Notice the subtle detail that OKC was using a picture with all the members, all the abused childrens, all the stolen parents to portray the profile page of OKC founder.

it can seem just a detail but it speaks volumes about the mentality inside OKC. On this picture RS is sitting next to Rabjam Rimpoche last visit in OKC before going into “retreat” mode, after having seen perhaps the huge dossier of crimes by Robert Spatz showed to him in France by OKC ex-doctor and personal doctor of Robert Spatz. This person is since 2 decades also a civil party in the trial against Spatz-OKC.

At the end of RS profile page you can read in French that the Lama Kunzang finally got out of retreat and kept teaching under the patronage of Rabjam Rimpoche and Pema Wangyal Rimpoche, the later son of Kangyour Rimpoche (supposedly the root guru of RS) If RS ever try to donate or even transfer OKC assets ownership to “the Tibetans” this is just a clever move to appear disconnected from OKC in the eye of France or Belgian Justice systems but as we have seen in 2016 with the trial and 2018 with the appeal Spatz still controls OKC, and he can get majority control or use the organization status he himself created to avoid consulting members on anything regarding finance or judicial matters. Perfect to manipulate the remaining cult adepts to have no other choice but to follow his lead for his reasons. the cult is little but alive. 

Dalai Lama visited OKC Brussels in 1990 and spoke directly to Robert Spatz, gave him blessing and the Kashag authored a “certificate” used by OKC in court to justify they are a legit Buddhist center. Here too, all the pictures of Robert Spatz with the Dalai-Lama have been removed from OKC website but they are still using them in court to “prove” the legitimacy of Robert Spatz. we have those pictures. In court OKC use this document to supposedly display a DL approved endorsement. There is also such document from Penor Rimpoche, another head of Nyigma-Pa lineage, the oldest one, directly and traditionally responsible for the Dzogchen/Vajrayana type of practices at the root of the sexual, spiritual and physical abuses by Tibetan or Non Tibetan Buddhist “teachers” in the West and East.
This is not a “western only problem”.

Setchen Rabjam Rimpoche : since the pseudo retirement of Robert Spatz either because of a false illness or an illness used to avoid Justice or because again “handling” out the OKC infrastructure is only good to serve the narrative that OKC belong to Tibetan Buddhism, Rabjam Rimpoche is since then the “spiritual director” of OKC, he was also in “retreat” in the last decade so OKC never got to see him much since 2006 but still OKC use this decoration in court to appear like a legit Buddhist center. RR visited OKC countless times being part of the court of Dilgo Kyentse Rimpoche, last visits where 2009 in Nyima-Dzong, 2004 OKC Tahiti “center”, 2006 Nyima Dzong and countless other times in Nyima-Dzong when we were kids. Attestation from Rabjam Rimpoche cerca OKC

Yangtsi Rimpoche visited Nyima-Dzong in 2010 and 2014 and Brussels in 2014, meanwhile OKC was in trial since 97 purposedly hiding this information from all the Tibetan teachers invited on OKC properties.

Mingyour Rimpoche visited Nyima-Dzong in 2001, 2003 and 2006, he was in contact with the last generation of OKC youngsters and quite a positive figure to move from a repressive model to teach buddhism to a more joyfull and compassionate and interesting way to teach Buddhism to isolated kids, they all kept a very good memories of this time and it was certainly a change from the brutality of OKC “educators” even after the 97 police raid and subsequent investigation.

Pema Wangyal Rimpoche

Jigme Khyentse Rimpoche

Ringu Tulku Rimpoche

Khentchen Pema Sherab

Jetsun Khandro Rimpoche visited and gave lecture in Nyima-Dzong in 2017 out of “compassion” for the remaining members, unknowingly or not being used by OKC to appear legit.

Khempo Tseten Current Khempo resident at Nyima-Dzong OKC center, supposedly secretly against Spatz, still being paid by OKC-Spatz to be part of the decoration to appear as legit Buddhist center. This Khempo up to 2017 wasn’t even able to remove Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang picture from INSIDE the Temple, next to Kangyour Rimpoche statue, next to countless Buddhist statues supposed to represent Buddha and other deities.

The next 3 important Tibetan Buddhist figures had no idea on what they where getting into, the language barrier, the exile, the huge knowledge gap about the West inner working, they could not possibly know they where stepping into a personality cult decorated as a Buddhist center and their venue was a huge stamp of letigimacy to be used by OKC subsequently, and it worked.

Kyabje Kangyour Rimpoche the supposed “root guru” of Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang, Kangyour Rimpoche could not even speak English in the 70’s when Spatz supposedly visited him and Spatz could not possibly speak a word of Tibetan but the later got “personal instruction” to build Nyima-Dzong and to “propagate” Buddhism in the West. Other testimonies from that time from people present at that time say it is impossible to match the founding myth of OKC with the reality at the time. the most probable is that RS simply invented the whole story and that his gullible followers in Belgium simply took it for granted having absolutely no other way to verify any part of the founding myth of OKC.

Dudjom Rimpoche visited OKC Brussels and OKC Nyima-Dzong in 1976, at the time these visits where seen as very important and ultimate proof that OKC was recognized and was legit. many people even started to follow OKC because of these visits. curiously Robert Spatz have been removed from the original pictures that you can see in OKC website. this is the “accreditation” used by OKC in court in 2018 to supposedly display legitimacy in front of the court, as if this could in any way exonerate OKC and Spatz from the law.

Dilgo Kyentse Rimpoche : this visit also helped OKC appear and look like a leading Buddhist center in France
the visits took place in Nyima-Dzong in 80-82 and then in 1990. during those periods Nyima-Dzong was populated by at least 60 to 80 childrens all separated from their parents 2000km away in Brussels and these period where the worst for childrens regarding sexual abuse (by another pedophile called Bernard Pombal) but also by Robert Spatz (OKC founder) on at least 3 different girls minor of age at the time.


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