Buddhism, the law of silence / the Unspeakable Truth

Sexual abuse, mental manipulation and embezzlement: Tibetan Buddhism is shaken by serious scandals. An in-depth account that lifts the veil on the unspiritual underbelly of a religion revered in Europe. His name is Ricardo Mendes and, as a young man, he lived through hell in a Buddhist community in Castellane, far from the ideal of […]

Hearings, pleadings and replies to trial #SPATZ #OKC completed.

Hearings, pleadings and replies to trial #SPATZ #OKC concluded. Deliberation + judicial recess and it resumes on Thursday, September 15 with judgment. Yesterday with the end of the defense’s replies we saw Spatz’s lawyer become more Spatzist than the guru himself by adopting his doctrine himself and spreading it for an hour in the courtroom […]

Unknown quote

“The problem is that human beings only see the bad things somewhere else as where they are.” – unknown