HumKara Dzong – Mosteiro de Mú – Malhão

Drone view of the place a few years after 23 pre-teen & young adults were sent to this place by Robert Spatz in 1993. 

What enfolded during 3 years there, from 1993 to 1996-97 is a long story to tell and a complex one to remember but we’ll do our best to compile experiences on our incoming blog. 

Satellite view of the place

Drag the map Up to see the full area, we’ll do our best to map and name the property and identify the property’s assets. 

kading Tsang : where Spatz executed two cases of sexual abuses

This place is where the abuses took places and where Robert Spatz had his private accommodations. The place was kept by 2 pitbulls, walls and a fence all around the perimeter. 

It was supposed to become a retreat location for adepts wanting to follow retreat programs. 


In 2005, Tibetan Buddhist teachers where still visiting and using the place unaware of Robert Spatz behavior and the crimes he committed. 

The behavior of the adepts you can see on the video is a typical behavior that was also adopted around Robert Spatz. 

Photos & Videos of the period that concern this case

We, civil parties, don’t have any picture of that time, some photos might exist in the hands of key of people still inside or sympathetic to the cult, but we don’t have access to this material and they obviously won’t share any material with us. 

Glimpse of the past before 1993

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