Rabjam Rimpoche, Matthieu Ricard visiting toxic-cult pseudo Buddhist center in France

Rabjam Rimpoche could avoid visiting sectarian pseudo Buddhist centers that are currently facing trials in France, specifically Nyima Dzong and Lerab Ling.

Each time a high level Tibetan “master” visit a toxic Buddhist center without acknowledging the harm (sexual, physical, mental abuses perpetrated there) each time this occurs the entire Lineage is endorsing these predators that used Tibetan Buddhism to advance their personal viced interests.

Lama Kunzang aka Robert Spatz and Sogyal Rimpoche aka Sogyal Lakar are total frauds that Rabjam Rimpoche, Matthieu Ricard & countless others high level western or tibetan buddhists know about since decades, why are they still endorsing them ?

Why is the RR visit passing by illegitimate, fraud pseudo Buddhist centers currently facing the French and Belgian justice system ?



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